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Ohayo! Dear Anime lover, genki desu ka ?

Please take a minute to know why displaying ads are important . You are here because you love anime & like our encodes !! Bringing all these anime episodes to you for free as soon as anime episode gets released in all video formats like 480p,720p,1080p including H264 & H265 [HEVC] takes lot of time & money .

We need money to operate the site, pay for the server resources and for maintaining it , almost all of it comes from our online advertising. Most of times we have to pay extra from our pockets as these advertisements barely able to cover all the server expenses. If this keeps on , eventually we will have to shutdown the site 😭😭😭

We request you to please disable your adblocker for &  whitelist it, onegaishimasu 😣😣😣

Now We have removed popup ads completely from Soulreaperzone, its a risk we are taking , maybe we might not have enough funds at month end now to pay for server.Β  Rest Ads are banners which is pretty self explanatory, they pay in cents which is almost useless. Please support us, you can do it by : 1] Most importantly by disabling adblocking for our site 2] Share our site with your friends & on social media

Thank you for understanding & helping us out πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

If you find any type of ads troubling please use below comments to let us know & we will take action . Please also describe what problem it was causing & your device [desktop or mobile,etc..]

So you have disabled adblock & still seeing the notice ? Check the following Steps :

1] After disabling adblocking , clear cookies ,cache of siteΒ  then reload the site

2A] If still seeing the notice after step 1, then check if there are some other addons/extensions in your browser that is causing the adblocking , try disabling them + step 1 then reload the site

2B] Check if Your Antivirus has Adblocking/Anti-Banner,etc.. blocking featured enabled , if yes then disable this feature or whitelist our site in this feature’s setting in your antivirus , then do Step 1 then reload the site.

3] Some browsers have built-in extra blocking features like brave, UCWeb Firefox,etc..For Ex. In firefox quantum there is feature called “Enhanced Tracking Protection”Β  , it causes site to not load properly , you need to disable it then do step 1 then open site

if despite all these steps you still seeing the notice please comment below using the following format :

  • Problem faced & above steps you followed ? : [Describe in brief]
  • Browser Name with version number :Β  [Its always good to keep your browsers updated to latest version]
  • Device : Mobile/Desktop/Tablet.etc…

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