Welcome to the Soulreaperzone FAQ. Here you’ll find a collection of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q1. Why Subscribe to Our Notifications on Soulreaperzone.com ?
A: 1] You will get notified of any new anime episode’s release as soon as its added to site
2] If you had commented about fixing dead links , you will get notified as soon as the anime is added/updated
Q2 : Is it safe & free to download from here ?
A: Yes, absolutely. It is also recommended that you always use an Antivirus if you are a desktop user. We have only 2 extensions of video files “.MKV” & “.szn” . DONOT download any other extensions files like “.exe”,”.zip” etc…
Q3: Can I play these video files on Mobile phone,tablets,Ipads,Iphones,TVs too ?
A: Yes , you can . These videos are compatible on all mobile devices ,tablets,TVs
If for some reason you are getting playback problems be sure to download a proper video player which support H264 video codec.

Q4: What is this SD , HD, FHD ?
A: These are shortform names for respective video resolutions as below –
SD = 480p (848×480)
HD = 720p (1280×720)
FHD = 1080p (1920×1080)

Please check with your device as to what maximum resolution it supports

Q5: I commented on a page but the comment disappeared or not got a reply yet??
A: Comments are moderated thats why when you post a comment, it gets posted but is not visible once you reload that page. Please note after posting a comment , disqus does show a message that “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Soulreaperzone.” which is self explanatory…
About your comment getting a reply from us For Ex. fixing dead links/some other probs , please understand that we too have busy lives & try to fix the probs when get free so replying to you [& always after fixing the prob] can sometimes take a while…
Also special note about dead links : If you are commenting about dead links on old anime pages, then sometimes you might not get notified about fixed/reuploaded links as a new page is created for that anime & its old page gets deleted , therefore please subscribe to our site’s notification so that you will get notified as soon as we have fixed dead links & added the anime to site
P.S. Always Be polite when commenting. Describe the problem faced by you clearly & briefly & please give sometime to us to get back to you.
Useless,Trash,Nonsense,Hateful,Spam or any other comment not approved by us simply be deleted.

Q6: How to Download from Here ?

A: NEW [sznlink.xyz] – Click on the episode link , it will take you to a short url [Ex. shorten.sh] [these ads url keep our site alive – please dont use VPN/proxy/ad blockers as these ads url dont count these kind of traffic visitors and dont pay for it ] – on short url follow steps [1st page might be a captcha , solve it then on 2nd page is a timer which end with “Skip Ad”/”Get Link”,etc.. similar button clicking which it will take you to our sznlink.xyz site link from where you can choose from various video versions & multiple filehost [Ex. 1080p FHD Mega] , it will take you to another short url , follow steps [same as you did for 1st short url] to reach the filehost . Use a download manager like IDM,etc..to get faster download speeds.

If you notice nay problems on any short urls, please notify us below ASAP sicne some of these short urls try to cheat us & our visitors & its impossible to keep watch on all of these 24*7 daily so only by your reporting will we be able to take action on them

OLD [sznpaste.net] – Once on an anime page scroll down where you will see the Episode Links ,Click on it -> New page opens [ouo.io link] , Wait for 5 sec timer to end then Click only on “Skip Ad” [if any popups open just minimize them] -> It will then take you to the download links page i.e. sznpaste.net [Whatever popups open just minimize them] , there click on either Embedupload OR Mega or Mirrorcreator to go to your favourite download servers like Solidfiles,Tusfiles,Mediafire,Zippyshare,MEGA,Userscloud,etc.. to download from it. [Recommended – MEGA,Solidfiles,Userscloud – fast speeds + parallel downloads + resume support ]

You can either download the files directly in your web browsers or use Internet Download Manager (IDM)[recommended , it has many advantages]

For downloading from Mega.co.nz server use “MEGA Downloader” , see the questions answered for it below.

Q7: How to increase the download speed on Userscloud ?

A: Most of you dont know that Userscloud gives Unlimited download speed + Unlimited parellel downloads With RESUME SUPPORT but Userscloud gives fast speed only if you are logged in to your own free userscloud account . It gives slow speed for guest users. So create a free account in https://userscloud.com , log into it & then open the userscloud link & start your download in browser…For downloading in IDM or any download manager on your device, add your Userscloud.com account details in IDM or any download manager settings & then start download in it.

Q8: Need Help on Downloading From Solidfiles or Tusfiles or USerscloud
A: For Solidfiles See the below pic

how to download from solidfiles

For Userscloud See the below pic

new uc ddl

For Tusfiles See the below pic


Q9: Whats Mega Downloader and how to use it for downloading from MEGA ?


Use MegaDownloader to download files from MEGA.CO.NZ

Its a free software , no installation required,etc…just download it, launch the MegaDownloader.exe and put the Mega.co.nz server links into it for download.

Why Use Mega.co.nz links in MegaDownloader ?
– MegaDownloader Gives You Blazing fast download speeds + multiple parallel downloads + resume support , ’nuff said.

Download Link For portable MegaDownloader.exe [Windows OS] : CLICK HERE

Q10: How to download MEGA links on Internet Download Manager ?

Step 1 : Download MEGA Downloader – CLICK HERE

Step 2 : Open MEGA downloader ->Options->Configuration->Streaming-> tick the box infornt of “use streaming server” -> SAVE


Step 3 : Now In MEGA Downloader -> Streaming->Watch Online -> Paste MEGA url link in 1st box -> A new links is generated in 2nd box [Streaming url link] just below it ->Copy that streaming url link and paste it in IDM and wait for few seconds , you will see the real download link with info like file size,etc… -> Start the Download !


Q11: How to download on Phones,tablets ?

A: You will need a web browser & a download manager app. Some web browsers like “UC Browser” have inbuilt download manager . But some standalone download managers give blazzing fast speeds due to their diverse functions.

Here we will show a tutorial for Android devices:

1] Web browser : Chrome/Firefox or any other browser (which has javascript support) – Install them from Google Playstore
2] Download Manager – Advanced Download Manager (ADM)(one of the best out there!) – Google Playstore Link

Why ADM ?
– supports multiple downloads ,smart downloads,auto resume,etc…so many more functions in its settings
– supports multithreads (this increases ur download speed drastically!)
– you can rename file extension just before the download is gonna start (i.e renaming .szn to .mkv)

So as you visit any filehosts page in your web browser & click on their “download” button , ADM will automatically catch that download link & it will start the download.

** This is just 1 way of downloading, if you have more better ways, let us know so we can update it here ****

2] Downloading MEGA links on your mobile/tablet devices.

– For downloading MEGA links there is a slightly different way. You wont be needing ADM for it.
You will need :
a] Chrome/Firefox or any other browser (which has javascript support)
b] MEGAv2 App (Official MEGA App for Android devices) – Google Playstore Link

So as you visit any MEGA filehost page in your web browser , it will automatcially launch the MEGAv2 App of your phone/tablet , there simply click on “download” button , it will start the downloading process . There is NO NEED to register on MEGA account for it. (though registration is free so its up to you)

Q12: Found some dead/broken links of anime , please help me

A: So you came across some dead/broken links of an anime or found some problem there, worry not,just make a comment on that anime page about the problem in detail & it will be fixed at earliest . DONOT POST ABOUT IT IN CHATBOX

Q13: How to change 'szn' files to 'MKV' files

Mobile Phones & tablet users, simply rename it from your File Explorer as shown in 1st pic of PC users below

For PC & Mac Users –
1] If ‘.szn’ extension is visible to you at the end of filename then do as given in below pic

renaming szn

2] If ‘szn’ extension is NOT visible to you at the end of filename then you have to first make it visible , do as given in below pic

For Windows XP Users


For Windows 7 & vista Users


For Windows 8 Users


Q14: What video player do you recommend?

A: MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC [with K-lite codec packs] & VLC player both are Best !!!
Go HERE to download it [Download The MEGA pack]

K-Lite Codec Pack contains all the necessary audio,video codecs [including latest x265 too] needed for 8bit as well as 10bit Videos along with the Media Player Classic (MPC)

Download , Install the K-Lite Pack and then Open MPC and Enjoy All your Anime On It.

For Mobile Phone & Tablet users : Download VLC player OR MX Player to watch Anime.
In MX Player be sure to use “H/W+” setting for video & “S/W+” for audio , gives crisp clear video audio quality.
VLC dont need any setting.

Q15: Why are there no subtitles in the video ?

A: Read my answer to question above this question and after you follow those steps, open the video in Media Player Classic , right click inside the playing video , go to -> – Subtitles-> u will see the different subs available , select the appropriate one & you are done.

For Mobile Phone & Tablet users : In you MX Video Player , see that the option for displaying subtitles is ticked! Thats it , Subs should play fine on your devices

Q16: How to instal K-lite Codec Pack Mega ?
A: Just follow the steps given in below screenshots ->









And thats it !

Throw anything at it – H264/H265 videos ,etc… & it will play them all smoothly…

Q17: How to JOIN or COMBINE The Files .001, .002, etc ?

A: For PC & Mac Users :

1] Download HJSPLIT [Its free & portable (no instal needed)] : CLICK HERE
2] Make sure the set of split parts must have the same folder and name, except for their extensions (.001, .002, etc.)
3] After clicking on the “Join” button in the main HJSplit screen, you will see the following screen :

4] Click on the button “Input file” in the screen directly above, which will open the dialog shown directly below :

5] In this dialog, select the file you want to join. Then press the “Open” button.

Information: please note that only the first file in the
set of split parts (the .001 file) is visible in this dialog. Note that
it is important that all split parts are in the same folder. When the
other files which belong to the set of split parts (.002, .003, .004,
etc.) are in the same folder, HJSplit will automatically find them
during joining.
6] After pressing “Open”, the name and path of the file you just selected will appear in the “input file” box, please see below:

7] Press the “start” button in the screen above. HJSplit now shows a progressbar “working”.

For Mobile Phone & Tablet Users :

1] There are lot of apps on Google Playstore who can combine .001,.002 ,etc type files .HEre are links to some of them : DKMerge | Droid Splitter | B1 Archiver zip rar unzip

2] Install the app & use it to join these files

Q18: HELP! The Subtitles are not playing on My TV via USB ?

A: This will be the case when you have somewhat of old TV . You must understand that TVs dont evolve as fast as PC/mobiles/tablets that you throw anything at it & expect it to play . Most of these TVs dont support “.ass” subtitles & you need to check ur TV Manual to see which subtitle formats it supports .
For now I have found a good working solution to make subs appear on your TV . Just follow the below steps :
1] Download & Install these 2 softwares on your PC –

2] Open “MKVCleaver.exe” and drag our MKV video file into it ,AND FOLLOW steps as shown in below screenshot :


Now u have successfully extracted the “.ass” subtitle file . Be sure to rename it same as video file.
Ex. Naruto – 01.mkv (Video file)
Naruto – 01.ass (Subs file)

[Now at this step you should confirm if your TV is able to play external .ass file [this is a one time thing so that you will know whether your TV supports external .ass file] , put both above files in your usb & try playing it on your TV, if subtitle dont show up then proceed to next step]

3] Now Open “SubResync.exe” from your VobSub installation directory & open that “.ass” subs file in it ,THEN click on “save as” , select Sami [.smi] format and hit SAVE. You should get 2 files , you dont need the .ass file anymore , just delete it. See that those 2 files and the video file are in same folder of your USB . You can play it on ur TV now !
A Screenshot of the above steps :


The final files :

step 3

P.S. – You would need to do these steps only for those MKV videos which are SOFT-SUBBED.
Our HARD-SUBBED MKV Videos will play subtitles perfectly fine without the need for doing the above steps

Q19: If I did not find the answer to my question here, is it alright to ask in the comments ?

A: That’s perfectly fine, we’re happy to answer any questions and are always looking to expand this page with more information.