Anime ONA Series

Battle Through The Heavens Special

2 eps | Novel

In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong make the rules and weak have to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty...

Battle Through the Heavens-The Origin | Episode 03 | Finale

| 3 eps | Novel

Remake of the first season of Doupo Cangqiong.


Battle Through the Heavens: Three Year Agreement (Dou Po Cangqiong: San Nian Zhi Yao)...

Genres: ,

| 13 eps | Novel

Three years ago, Nalan Yanran, the Young Sect Master of yunlan sect rashly annulled the marriage. Xiao Yan who was embarrassed, made a three-year a...

Bear Bear Bear Kuma! | Episodes 01-12

| 12 eps | Light Novel

Mini anime for Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Anime


Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle | Episode 51 – 52 | Finale

| 52 eps | Original

"There is a strong guy, come and challenge Daikokuten Bell!"

Rumors were widespread in the world about the Bey Cemetery, "The Gate of Makai....

Black and White Warriors Season 1

12 eps | Manga

A story about two young demons who are always slacking off at work, a place that happens to be an organization that vows to keep the balance betwee...

Black and White Warriors Season 2

12 eps | Manga

The opposite bank of Lethe River is Boundary Realm with all night along, keeping the balance of the world’s deaths by ghost messengers. Black and...

Bloody Code (Xue Se Cang Qiong) | Episode 17

| 26 eps | Web Manga

The ordinary daily life of Li Ming Yang who is a office worker changes forever when he naively scans a QR code from a stranger which teleports him ...

Brand New Animal | Episode 12 | Finale

| 12 eps | Original

Throughout history, humans have been at odds with Beastmen—a species capable of changing shape due to their genetic "Beast Factor." Because of th...

Btooom! Specials Bluray [BD]


2 eps | Manga

Originally streamed on the official Youtube and NicoNico channels and later included on BD/DVD Vol.5.

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