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Dragon Quest: Dai’s Great Adventure | Episode 84 H264 + 84 HEVC (H265) |...

| ? eps | Manga

A long time ago, there was a valiant swordsman who came to be known simply as "the hero." There was a demon who has caused people suffering. The he...

Engage Kiss | Episode 01 H264 + 01 HEVC (H265) | Multiple Subtitle

Genres: ,

| 13 eps | Original

Veyron City—a mega-floating metropolis created from the discovery of new energy sources.

Shuu, a young man who owns and operates a small b...

Estab-Life – Great Escape | Episode 12 | Multiple Subtitle


| 12 eps | Other

The distant future. After reaching its peak, Earth's population fell into decline. AI was developed to help preserve the species and manage the eco...

Everlasting God Of Sword (Wan Gu Jian Shen) | Episode 35

| ? eps | Novel

He stood at the pinnacle of the world. Surpassing all since birth in the art of the sword. But fate has left him crippled moments before reaching t...

Face on Lie (Huang Yan) | Episode 13 | Multiple Subtitle

Genres: ,

| 16 eps | Manga

Yuxi who was discriminated against based on her looks goes to a plastic surgery clinic for a consultation, giving into the tempting proposal when H...

Fire X Fire (Rang Wo Men Shao Ba)

? eps | Original

Lovelorn Xiao Yong entered high school in despair. In order to get out of the haze of lovelorn , he joined a school club, FFF. Later he learned tha...

First Immortal in the Seven Realms (Qi Jie Diyi Xian) | Episode 40


| 60 eps | Novel

Liang Xi, a fortune teller, rescued the immortal Yuwen Qingyang because of her kindness. Under the instruction of Yuwen Qingyang, Liang Xi went to ...

Fruits Basket 3rd Season Bluray [BD] Dual Audio

| ? eps | Manga

After last season's revelations, the Souma family moves forward, but the emotional chains that bind them are not easily broken. Unable to admit why...

Full-Time Magister (Quanzhi Fashi) 5th Season | Episode 11-12

| 12 eps | Novel

The Skyscraper Mystical Snake appears in the city center, and the White Eagle attacks the city massively. Of course, there must have been something...

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