Assassins Anime

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Bluray [BD]

| 10 eps | Light Novel

The search for the remains of Emperor Gaz continues. Chaika still in search of knowing who she really is and what her purpose is. Similarly, the Re...

Mirai Nikki Uncensored Bluray [BD]

| 26 eps | Manga

Lonely high school student, Yukiteru Amano, spends his days writing a diary on his cellphone, while conversing with his two seemingly imaginary fri...

Seirei no Moribito DVD | 480p 50MB

| 26 eps | Light Novel

On the precipice of a cataclysmic drought, the Star Readers of the Shin Yogo Empire must devise a plan to avoid widespread famine. It is written in...

Triage X OVA Uncensored Bluray [BD]

| 1 eps | Manga

Unaired episode 11 of the Triage X series bundled with the 12th manga volume.


Triage X Uncensored Bluray [BD]

| 10 eps | Manga

In a deadly terrorist attack, Arashi Mikami narrowly escapes death but loses everything in the process, including his family and best friend. Howev...

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