Cooking with Valkyries (Nu Wushen de Canzhuo) Season 1

, | 10 eps | Game

Join the table with Valkyries this summer for a feast of mouth-watering food and heartwarming memories.


Cooking with Valkyries 2nd Season (Nu Wushen de Canzhuo II) | Multiple Subtitle

, | 8 eps | Game

Second season of Nu Wushen de Canzhuo (Cooking with Valkyries)


Cooking with Valkyries Spring Festival Special | Multiple Subtitle

, | 1 eps | Game

The St. Freya squad returns with a bubbling hot pot! Let Valkyries introduce you to a very special Spring Festival~
(Source: Youtube Descript...

Uncharted Walker – Mi Yu Xing Zhe

| 12 eps | Web Manga

One day, Ning Yuan wakes up from his nightmare, only to find himself trapped in an uncharted island. In this desperate situation,a lost tribe,mutat...

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