Studio LAN

Link Click (Shiguang Daliren) Specials | Episode 01 H264 + 01 HEVC (H265)

| 2 eps | Original

Chibi-style special episodes of Shiguang Dailiren.


Link Click Shorts: The Daily Life in Lightime | Episode 01-07 | Multiple Subtitle

, | ? eps | Original

Light-hearted chibi-style episodes of Shiguang Dailiren about the daily life in the photo studio


To Be Heroine Bluray [BD]

, | 7 eps | Original

Following the first season's gag action theme, the second season titled To Be Heroine will feature an original story and a new set of characters. Y...

Yowai 5000-nen no Soushoku Dragon, Iwarenaki Jaryuu Nintei | Episode 11 | Multiple Subtitle

| 12 eps | Novel

A 5000-year-old herbivorous dragon was living peacefully when one day a young girl showed up in his cave. She offered herself as a sacrifice in ord...

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