Against the Sky Supreme | Episode 131

Genres: ,

| 160 eps | Novel

The entire universe is divided into the inner universe and the outer universe. The two universes are enemies of each other. The outer universe is r...

Ancient Myth (Wangu Shenhua) | Episode 16

| 30 eps | Web Novel

A small town boy whose spiritual seed was abolished unexpectedly received the favor of an ancient treasure. In a prosperous world of martial arts, ...

Chang An Huan Jie (Changan Magic Street) | Episode 34-40


| 40 eps | Novel

In Zhenguan's first year, the sects led by Tianxuan, Daxing Fangshu, and aliens held two realms and opposed each other. A few years ago, in Luoling...

Chief Spirit Master (Shouxi Yu Ling Shi) | Episode 40 | Finale

Genres: ,

| 40 eps | Original

The Holy Land, all genius creatures that partner with elves is called the Imperial Master. The boy Shi Dali, who was sealed for a hundred years, ac...

First Immortal in the Seven Realms (Qi Jie Diyi Xian) | Episode 63-65


| 60 eps | Novel

Liang Xi, a fortune teller, rescued the immortal Yuwen Qingyang because of her kindness. Under the instruction of Yuwen Qingyang, Liang Xi went to ...

Great Doctor Miss Nine (Shen Yi Jiu Xiaojie) | Episode 60

| 60 eps | Novel

Adapted from Dou Miaomiao's novel "The Evil Emperor's Entrapment: The Magic Doctor Nine Young Miss", the animation tells the story of the modern gl...

I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators (Wo Qi Ku Le Baiwan Xiulianzhe) | Episode 119

| 60 eps | Other

I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators tells the story of a Jiangbei student who fought valiantly at the subway station and was blessed by the system. F...

Immortal Tomb (Xian Mu) | Episode 29

| 60 eps | Web Manga

One hundred thousand years ago, the immortals fought, the immortals perished, the immortal way was cut off, and there were many immortal tombs in t...

Mad Demon Lord (Kuang Shen Mo Zun) | Episode 62 | Finale | [Episodes...

| 60 eps | Other

The realm of Lord Brahma Xutian is in great turmoil. The Lord of the Realm of Gods, Emperor Beitian, was besieged in thousands of ways, defeated an...

Make money to be king (Wo Kao Chongzhi Dang Wudi) | Episode 33

Genres: ,

| 60 eps | Novel

Inexplicably traveled to the fantasy world, Lin Yi found that he had an extremely ferocious plug-in - the money charging system!
Cultivation ...

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