Nippon Animation

Hakushon Daimaou 2020

Genres: ,

, | 20 eps | Original

50 years have passed since the events of the original Hakushon Daimaou series. Akubi is training to become queen when she meets Kantarou Yodama, th...

Let’s Make a Mug Too (Yakunara Mug Cup mo) | Episode 12 | Multiple...


| ? eps | Manga

The city of Tajimi, located in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, is famous for Mino earthenware. The city is dotted with historical pott...

Love All Play | Episode 24 | Multiple Subtitle | Finale


, | 24 eps | Novel

Ryou Mizushima enrolls in junior high and joins the badminton club with great vigor. Although the club didn't have a proper coach, Mizushima improv...

Yakunara Mug Cup mo 2nd Season | Episode 12 | Multiple Subtitle


| ? eps | Manga

Second season of Yakunara Mug Cup mo.

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