Winter 2021

Ex-Arm | Episode 02 H264 + 02 HEVC (H265) | Multiple Subtitle

| 12 eps | Manga

2014: Akira Natsume seems to almost have a phobia of electrical devices while also being very good at diagnosing them. He resolves to change himsel...

Gekidol | Episode 02 | SubsPlease


| ? eps | Original

Set five years after the mysterious disaster of a city's sudden disappearance, a group of girls fascinated by the "Theatrical Material System" usin...

Horimiya | Episode 02 H264 + 02 HEVC (H265) | English Subtitle

| 13 eps | Manga

Although admired at school for her amiability and academic prowess, high school student Kyouko Hori has been hiding another side of her. With her p...

Hortensia Saga | Episode 02 H264 + 02 HEVC (H265)

| ? eps | Game

Hortensia Saga is a medieval fantasy tale of war and chaos. Three years ago, the king was betrayed and murdered by one of his dukes who then rebuil...

I-Chu: Halfway Through the Idol | Episode 01-02 | Multiple Subtitle

| ? eps | Game

School begins at √Čtoile Vio School, where idol-hopeful students known as "I-Chu" will undergo training to become full-fledged idols. However, thin...

Idolls! (Idolls!: Idol Survival) | Episode 02 | Multiple Subtitle


| ? eps | Original

The anime's production will use motion capture technology to capture the movements of the voice cast while simultaneously producing voice recording...

Idoly Pride | Episode 02


| 12 eps | Original

To become an idol, I shed blood, sweat, and tears. Even so, I push on. I want to shine. I want to earn it. I want to become number one. I want to s...

Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun | Episode 02 H264 + 02 HEVC (H265)

Genres: , ,

| 12 eps | Light Novel

Tomozaki is one of the best gamers in Japan, and in his opinion, the game of real life is one of the worst. No clear-cut rules for success, horribl...

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi (Redo of Healer) Uncensored | Episode 01 H264 +...

Genres: ,

| ? eps | Light Novel

"Healing magicians cannot fight alone."
Keare, who was bound by this common knowledge, was exploited again and again by others. One day, he n...

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