Spring 2017

The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Theater 1st Season Bluray [BD]

, | 13 eps | 4-koma manga

Our idol friends are back again today! Get a rare look at how idols spend their days off, as well as their comical interactions with each other in ...

The King’s Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou)

Genres: ,

| 11 eps | Novel

Widely regarded as a trailblazer and top-tier professional player in the online multiplayer game Glory, Ye Xiu is dubbed the "Battle God" for his s...

Transcend the Gods: The Black Troop | Episode 06

33 eps | Original

Sun Goddess of the Solari, Leona came to Earth in 2014. The genetics of God hidden on Earth has started to awaken. The first few awakenings include...

Tsugumomo Uncensored Bluray [BD]

| 12 eps | Manga

Kazuya Kagami never goes anywhere without the precious "Sakura Obi" his mother gave him. One day a beautiful, kimono-clad girl named Kiriha appeare...

Tsuki ga Kirei Bluray [BD]

Genres: ,

| 12 eps | Original

Akane Mizuno and KotarĊ Azumi are two third-year middle school students who become classmates for the first time. Akane is a member of the school ...

Tsuki ga Kirei Recap Bluray [BD]

Genres: ,

| 1 eps | Original

Recap of the first six episodes of Tsuki ga Kirei.


Twin Angel Break Bluray [BD]

Genres: ,

| 11 eps | Game

Amatsuki Meguru is a girl who innocently aspires to be a hero of justice and the cool Kisaragi Sumire who grew up in the strict Kisaragi household....

Violet Evergarden (Movie Version) Bluray [BD] 6Ch | H264 + HEVC (h265)

| 4 eps | Light Novel

The Great War finally came to an end after four long years of conflict; fractured in two, the continent of Telesis slowly began to flourish once ag...

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS | SEASON 01-03

| 120 eps | Manga

The city where network systems are developed: Den City. The giant company SOL Technology Co. is based there, and it uses advanced technology that i...

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