Spring 2004

Burst Angel Bluray [BD] Dual Audio

| 24 eps | Original

In Japan's not-too-distant future, crime has become so common that the government has legalised firearms for citizens to use in self-defence. To co...

Samurai Champloo Bluray [BD] Dual Audio

| 26 eps | Original

Fuu Kasumi is a young and clumsy waitress who spends her days peacefully working in a small teahouse. That is, until she accidentally spills a drin...

Tenjou Tenge (Tenjho Tenge) Uncensored Bluray [BD] Dual Audio

| 24 eps | Manga

For some people, high school represents the opportunity for a fresh start. You can take new classes and make new friends. For Souichiro Nagi and Bo...

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