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Genres: , ,

| 12 eps | Original

"This is a prophecy for you, where five people will meet huge adversaries, and only you can protect everyone." Daisuke Toujima is a second-year hig...

Rewrite 2nd Season Bluray [BD]

| 11 eps | Visual Novel

The second season of the Rewrite series which adapts Moon and Terra routes.


Rewrite Bluray [BD

| 13 eps | Visual Novel

Kazamatsuri, a modern, well-developed city renowned for its burgeoning greenery and rich Japanese culture, is home to Kotarou Tennouji, a high scho...

Ride Your Wave Bluray [BD] | H264 + H265 (HEVC)

| 1 eps | Original

The story centers on the relationship between Hinako, who has moved to a coastal town upon entering university and Minato, a young firefighter with...

Rifle Is Beautiful

| 12 eps | 4-koma manga

Kokura Hikari is a first-year high school girl who loves rifle shooting. She entered Chidori High School because it had a shooting club, but finds ...

Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. | Episode 12 H264 +...

Genres: ,

| ? eps | Web Manga

Yukimura Shinya and Himuro Ayame are two scientists that want to find out if love can be solved by a scientific theory. These two scientists also h...

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan | Episode 12 | Finale

12 eps | 4-koma manga

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan is a fun and dark a 4-koma manga about the real (?) life of the author, a single woman in Tokyo who drifts through relationship...

RobiHachi | Episode 12 H264 + 12 HEVC (H265) | Finale

Genres: ,

| 12 eps | Original

Neo Tokyo, the year G.C. (Galaxy Century) 0051, which marks a half century since first contact was made. Humans have obtained super light-speed nav...

RoboMasters the Animated Series

Genres: , ,

, | 6 eps | Original

Dandan Fang is concentrated for remodeling of KAKA, his own model drone.
When he was flying his drone at open space near the coast, flying di...

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Uncensored Bluray [BD] | Episodes +...

| 12 eps | Light Novel

The Alzano Empire is home to one of the most distinguished magic schools in the world: the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. Here, ambitious young stu...

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