Boys Love Anime

Given – Uragawa no Sonzai Multiple Subtitle

| 1 eps | Manga

The OVA, bundled with the special edition version of the seventh manga volume, will tell an "other side" story centered on Mafuyu Satou and Ritsuka...

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru | Episode 12 | Multiple Subtitle | Finale

| 12 eps | Manga

Shy bookstore clerk Kosuke Mikado has the ability to see ghosts and spirits, an ability he wishes he didn't have, since what he sees usually terrif...

Sasaki to Miyano | Episode 12 | Finale

| 12 eps | Manga

Miyano spends his days peacefully reading Boys' Love comics and worrying about how girly his face is-until a chance encounter leads to a scuffle wi...

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