Hello Dear Anime fans, on this page you will find our recommendations for various anime seasons. For now the list is growing and as time permits , will increase this list & make it more cool & helpful so keep checking


You can sort our recommendations based on the specific anime genre that you were looking for by simply clicking the anime genre name Ex. Clicking “Recommended Action Anime” will show Our Recommended Action Anime. To reset your selection simply click on the “CLICK HERE TO RESET” button. Dont forget that there is a “MORE” button at the end of the genre menu clicking which will show more genre for your selection.

Note that at the bottom of the List there is PREVIOUS “< " & NEXT “>” button . Use it to go to next page or previous page of particular genre

Also Note that not all seasons of a particular anime are listed below so as to avoid unnecessary crowding, so be sure to watch all related seasons,movies,ovas,etc..[i.e. all its prequels & sequels] of a particular anime you decided from below list.

If you are looking for even more specific/detailed anime recommendations For Ex –

  • List of similar anime to one you recently watched based on their storyline/a particular theme,etc…
  • A Character you liked very much & looking for anime which have a character similar to them [For Ex specific personality of a character /a very cool chara/overpowered protagonist,etc..]
  • Or any other thing of an anime that you are looking for in other anime not mentioned here

Just drop a comment below for what exactly you looking for & we will suggest you with nice anime recommendations. Liked our list , drop by a comment below

Lastly if our recommendations helped you let us know in comments below !

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