About the ad system (shorteners)

We sometimes get some complaints about the shorteners being used . Usually it’s hit’n’run comments saying we’re horrible people for using bad ads, fake short links [as the shortner didnt take them to links page , instead took them to some ads page] or trying to harm users and their devices. Most of these users seem to be first time visitors to the site as we have seen follow up from our regular visitors.
You should know that we care the most about this. When we decide to use a shortener I personally go through a shortened link to see how the it works. But these shorteners change their behaviour often, so we don’t always know what’s going on there. We can’t check all of them everyday. So, I decided to write this little article about 3 tips you should know and use.

1] Always use a good security software.
First and foremost is the security software. Internet is a dangerous place without antiviruses and firewalls. If you encounter harmful ads often, then your security software is not good enough. Using this website or not, always use a powerful security software.

2] Shorteners are dynamic.
If you didn’t already notice, we use multiple shorteners. It changes every time you click on a link. If a particular one bothers you, close it and click on the same download link again. It’ll change to another shortener. As Simple as that.

3] Report bad shorteners.
Some shortners resort to bad behaviours such as redirecting users to ads pages instead of links. They also show some other bad behaviours so do report such shortners but don’t bomb us naming all the shorteners we use, If we get multiple bad reports about a shortener we will stop using it. We did it multiple times before. At the end of the day, all shorteners use popups that may bother you. But some could be really harmful. Instead of blaming us for something we don’t know a thing about, do this.

4] Don’t download anything other than the files you needed.
If you offered an APK or EXE or any other file other than the MKV or SZN file from us, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Or if you already did it, delete it. Also never subscribe to notifications or anything. it’s not necessary.
I should say, I wish there was another way, but there is not. By going through these shorteners you help the website to be alive. Some clicks to get your favourite anime TV-show or movie is not much to ask I think. The income received from these shorteners are very low but it supports the site so as to provide you with latest favourite shows for free . There are huge expenses everyday that have to be paid. Shorteners don’t pay for visits from same user, they don’t pay if you use adblockers, they don’t pay if you use VPN. this makes it even harder.
I don’t want to bore you with details but let check a simple example. We need $150 monthly to pay for the hosting servers . Only for the hardware. If we get $3 from every 1000 visitors. We need 50K downloads to get the $150 to pay for the hosting. That’s not it. About half of these visits are users with adblockers/VPN/Proxy/… and we don’t get paid for such visits. so we need another 50000 downloads only to pay for one month’s fee for the servers . So 100,000 people have to download something just for us to break even with the monthly fees of servers. And I’m telling you, there are lots of other things we have to pay for. Many many shorteners don’t pay when they suppose to, they just disappear. We have to pay from our pockets then.

I hope this clears your doubts about the shortners. By you going through these shortners, you are supporting us to keep the site stay free & alive! . Hope you understand

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